Al – Architects is an award-winning practice based in Cyprus and was established in 1997 by Architect Alexandros Livadas AA Dip as a multidisciplinary design firm, working in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning with a reputation for bringing both a personal touch and a broad of experience to each and every project.

We believe the most elegant and successful architectural ideas come through research and innovation, pursued with, patience and hard work. We continually explore new paths in our strive for timeless design in order to create inspiring places to live, work and experience.

We encourage a strong ethos of sustainability, introducing innovative environmental strategies throughout our projects.

We enjoy to guide our clients through all the stages of the design process and we are committed to finding elegant answers to their needs while at the same time we refine, and focus on the details that are essential to our projects.

We use cad programs so that we can create 3D models in order to communicate  and present our ideas to our clients. This technology (BIM: building information modelling) makes the design process efficient, and allows us to prototype the project before we build it.

Our body of work extends over a broad range of scales and typologies, from private houses, residential buildings, Court building, office buildings, museums, Hotels, Theaters, School buildings and interior designs.

Whether at the scale of a Court building or a house, everything is traceable back to a consistent set of ideas about how we live and what we value.